cod. 363/369
cl. 70/150
25% alc./vol.

The recipe of Amaro "Nerone" is one of the most jealously guarded, a hundred-year-old ingredient-mix that was gathered from the grandfather Corrado’s old notebook. A recipe that embodies years of history, attempts and triumphs, which have made it, today, one of our products of excellence.
Obtained by skillfully infusing the purest vegetal substances, herbs, flowers and roots in the finest alcohol. It has a sweet, velvety and deeply aromatic taste.
Its dark colour reminds us of the night above Nero's Domus Aurea and its intense taste recalls the majesty of the Flavian Amphitheatre.
The bouquet is delicate and elegant, but at the same time powerful, warm and enveloping, with persistent notes of eucalyptus and balsamic overtones. Millennia of history, art and civilization in a single sip.

Via Nettunense Km 7,100
00040 Ariccia (RM) ITALIA


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