cod. 214/370
cl. 70/150
38% alc./vol.

The anise has a romantic history in Rome. It was grandparents' candy, which curious grandchildren used to find in the pockets of their trousers left on the chair. This perfumed candy was wrapped in a transparent paper. Our Sambuca "RomAntica" is inspired by this vivid childhood memory, which is a way of exalting our Italian character and our origins (those of Ancient Rome).
Sambuca is a world-famous liqueur, but our own is characterized by its distinctive velvety taste, which follows the guidelines of an ancient recipe, jealously handed down over the years. It has an intense aniseed fragrance due to the essential oils obtained from the steam distillation of star anise seeds. It has always been a timelessly classic in Italian homes.
It is highly versatile due to its pleasant freshness and the intense flavour of elderflower; it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as a coffee accompaniment. The tradition of serving it with one or two roasted coffee beans, the so-called 'fly', comes from the past. Chewing the beans while drinking will enhance the taste.

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