Grappa Stravecchia

Riserva 18 months

cod. 379/378
cl. 70/150
38% alc./vol.

The Grappa Stravecchia "Ducale" Riserva 18 months is the synthesis of all our efforts in order to provide the most sophisticated connoisseurs with a distillate of high quality; characterized by a fruity aroma and a well-structured harmonious body. It is obtained from a careful selection of the best grapes, freshly fermented and distilled according to the classic method. It is aged in oak barrels for at least 18 months, giving it its amber colour as well as its refined and elegant bouquet. It is a great classic of Italian families with a smooth and well-balanced taste. Typically enjoyed after a meal, neat at a temperature of 14°C, leaving a rounded, enveloping palate.

Via Nettunense Km 7,100
00040 Ariccia (RM) ITALIA


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